My name is Donald and I am a native Singaporean residing in Singapore.

I have a lovely wife May residing in Guangzhou China.

I travel to China several times a year to visit my wife who is operating her sourcing and distribution business in China Guangzhou.

I am an Internet business owner myself and I love to start up internet businesses. At the same time, I also like to coach newbies how to start their own online businesses.

Since I have to travel to China various times per year, I said to my wife one day “Why don’t we bring people to China to do product sourcing and let’s make a business out of it?”

So, here it is: ChinaSourcingTrip.com was created.

To find out how we can fulfill your products sourcing needs in China, check our China Sourcing Training web page.

If you belong to any one of these following groups of people, I seriously believe you will love to talk to us:

  1. Owners of online businesses such as blog shops, ecommerce web sites etc
  2. Trading/wholesale/distribution/marketing companies
  3. Retail business owners such as shop fronts, push carts, flea markets etc

We will show you how and where to get the cheapest sources of products in the world (yes, China!) and sell them for profits margins many, many times over!