Let Us Bring You To The Various Wholesale Centres in Guangzhou China And Teach You How To Source For The Cheapest Products And Sell Them For Profits Many Times Over Online/Offline!

There are many wholesale centres across China, particularly Guangzhou China.

In Guangzhou, located in Guangdong China, you can find wholesale centres for electronics, clothings, fashion accessories, novelty items, beauty products, shoes, leather products, jewelleries, toys etc.

At these wholesale centres, you can buy products at very low cost prices directly from the wholesalers, sometimes manufacturers themselves, and sell them for profits many, many times over!

For example, the cost price of an iPhone screen protector costs anywhere between SGD$0.15 to SGD$0.50 at the electronics wholesale centres if you know how to source and negotiate for the best pricing. The retail selling price for this same iPhone screen protector can cost anywhere between SGD$5 to $20 in Singapore! This is 10x to 40x profit margins!

Another example is iPhone plastic casing that iPhone users use to protect their iPhone from scratches and knocks. A normal iPhone casing typically costs SGD$1 to SGD$2 and you can sell them anywhere between SGD$5 to $60 at retail shops. This is easily 5x to 60x times of profits.

Frankly speaking, you can seriously make such high profit margins sales everyday in your daily lives if you know exactly where and how to get the cheapest sources of products available in China to sell to your market.

On a smaller profit scale though, you can always find sources of products in Guangzhou China that allows you to easily make 1 to 5 times profits on the cost price of products which you have acquired wholesale.

One thing to point out though: If you are not a native Chinese residing in Guangzhou, you will not always get the best prices on products that you wish to purchase wholesale. The fortunate thing is we are able to train you on the right way to negotiate with the Chinese wholesalers/suppliers and always get the best prices for all your purchases.

We have observed from our first hand experiences while we are doing on-site sourcing in Guangzhou China is that if you are not a native Chinese (for examples if you are a Caucasian or overseas Chinese like Singaporeans), the cost prices that the Chinese wholesalers are quoting you will not be the lowest prices that you can get. However, there is a proven technique of negotiation to get around this “inherent” problem so that anyone, regardless of nationalities or ‘skin’ colour, can get the best wholesale prices for their desired products.

If you come with us on our China Sourcing Trip, we can train and show you on the following:

  1. Where are the wholesale centres in Guangzhou China and how to get to them
  2. How to negotiate for the best prices for all your wholesale purchases
  3. How to move around Guangzhou China by bus, metro trains and taxis
  4. What hotels to stay (our hotel recommendations)
  5. How to keep yourself safe and sound (Safety tips and precautions)
  6. How to get yourself a mobile SIM card with data (to keep in touch and stay online)

How is a typical 4-Day trip like?
Day 1 – Guangzhou Airport pickup, hotel check-in, other administrative stuff
Day 2 – Sourcing training, 1st visit to wholesale centre of your choice e.g. clothings or fashion wholesale centres
Day 3 – Visit to another new wholesale centre of your choice e.g electronics or toys and novelty wholesale centres
Last Day – Hotel check out, return to airport

You are highly encouraged to stay longer in Guangzhou China because at the wholesale centres, located differently at various places across Guangzhou itself, there are really a lot, a lot of products that you can source to sell for profits. Even a 10 days sourcing trip will not be enough for you to complete all your product sourcing if you want to visit and see all the wholesale centres!

Our fees will be SGD$400 per day (minimum 4 consecutive days in a trip) which includes the following:
– Airport pick up and hotel check in (excludes hotel accommodation)
– Sourcing training (how to source, safety tips, moving around Guangzhou)
– Visits to 2 wholesale centres of your choice (1 Day will be required at each wholesale centre to allow sourcing time)
– Fetch to airport after hotel check out

Please note the above rates is only for sourcing training and excludes all other expenses like airfare, hotel accommodation, local transportation fees, food and drinks, sourcing capital, SIM card etc.

If you have any questions about our China sourcing training, contact us using our Contact Form.